2013 Demo tracks

by Molotov Compromise

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These are demo tracks, meant to be re-recorded at a real studio. Unfortunately things didn't work out the way we'd planned, so here they are. Recorded in a garage in a matter of a couple of hours, mistakes and all still intact.


released December 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Molotov Compromise Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Broadcasting
your syncopated footsteps are driving me insane
every voice that isn't yours drills a hole into my brain
I've been grinding my teeth since i woke up today
a head full of ideas in total disarray

i tell myself that its alright but still I'm staying in tonight
sifting through this debris, what the hell is wrong with me

when you stare into the mirror its a person from the past
choices and mistakes turn to regrets all too fast
got everything in order but it just doesn't last
broadcasting insecurities from a struggling outcast
Track Name: Drowning
'm falling fast
i don't know where ill be tomorrow
looking for consistencies that i can't seem to grasp
I'm dodging all the obstacles placed into my path
but i don't have any road to follow

I'm the only one that can bring me down
but thats what scares me, 'cause in my own thoughts i could easily fucking drown
hard to fall asleep, even harder to wake up
can't get rid of this sinking feeling in my gut

i clear my throat and yell out loud
expectations on the ground while my hopes are in the clouds
got no one to blame but myself
can't put this curse on anyone else
Track Name: The Feeding of the Vultures
you call it regression
i call it well placed aggression
you say I'm screaming for attention
i call it cultural intervention
we're surrounded by people who have no compassion
they seem to be choked by the noose that they've fashioned

your fear of change needs to be replaced
you use your faith but its just a disgrace
nothing is sacred in a world thats diseased
by blaming your bigotry on what you believe

i want nothing to do with your ignorant culture
ill have no part in the feeding of the vultures

our anger is a weapon, crafted as a song
the selfish lead the soulless and the empathy is gone
I'm running out of patience, afraid of whats to come
a history of errors that need to be undone